Orbea Avant H30 Shimano 105 (black, green & red)

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Orbea Avant H30 Shimano 105 (black, green & red)

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The Orbea brand was born in 1930, and gained almost instant recognition after a stage win at the Tour de France by Mariano Canardo. The company grew quickly and by 1946, the brand employed 1,000 workers, produced 50,000 bicycles per year and could manufacture every component necessary to build the bikes. With a flair for design and an innovative approach to technology gained from over 80 years' experience, Orbea have a long history of designing and manufacturing some of the most cutting edge and stylish bikes around. During the post-war era the brand had to be bought out by the workers to stop it falling off the precipice of bankruptcy. This formation of a cooperative business reinvigorated Orbea, however it was several years before the brand returned to the race scene. This time though, Orbea burst onto the competitive cyclocross race scene as well as returning to road racing with impressive style. Throughout the eighties Orbea regained its form and commitment to the race scene, with stage wins at the Vuelta Espana and Tour de France. Later, Orbea took on the newly emerging mountain biking market, something that proved to be very successful for the brand and forced them to adapt to the new discipline of cycling. Less known than the likes of Trek and Specialized, Orbea have become known as the artisans of the bike world - and with that status comes a certain level of exclusivity. With a commitment to creativity, quality and pushing the sport forward in all disciplines, Orbea are a powerhouse, born in the cycling-obsessed region of the Basque Country.

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